When the latest addition to the North Durham Health Centre was built in 2011-2012 they underwent a redesign and reconstruction of the parking lot. This provided for an expansion of available parking spots which now stands at just under 300. At that time we also made the decision to install controlled parking and while we recognized this would not be popular with our community it was necessary to be able to manage parking capacity and flow as well as help in the ongoing costs of a parking lot. The initial cost of the parking lot was almost $1 million and each year it costs over $100,000 to maintain it.


Flat Fee

There is a flat fee of $5 per day to park and you are issued a ticket when you enter the lot.

Validate Ticket

If you use a service in our building you can validate this ticket down to $3. You can pay at the pay station in the lobby on your way out and use this paid ticket to exit. Alternately you can pay by credit card or debit card at the exit gates. Although the pay station in the lobby does accept cash, the exit gates do not.

$0 Parking

Some of our tenants will validate your parking down to zero. These include Durham Pharmacy, Port Perry Dental Associates, Physiotherapy Associates of Port Perry, Port Perry Audiology, Medical Supplies of Port Perry, and Durham Respiratory Services. Each of these tenants may have specific criteria for obtaining a validated ticket.

Parking Pass

For frequent visitors to North Durham Health Centre we offer a 10 visit pass that is valid for 1 year. This is discounted and is a flat fee of $20. This can be obtained at the pay station in the lobby. As we do not track these passes we are unable to offer replacements should they be lost.

Free Parking

We have 4 spaces at the North entrance that are available for free. These are limited to 15 minutes and are meant for drop off and quick in and out of the building. These spots are monitored and the 15 minute maximum is enforced through the issue of Scugog Township parking tickets. We ask you to respect your fellow community members and use these spots as intended.

Parking Hours

The parking gates operate from Monday – Thursday 6 am – 8pm and Friday from 6 am – 6 pm. At all other times the gates are open.